School Wide Positive Behavior Support (SwPBS)

Eagle Expectations
Eagle Expectations postersStudents at Melaleuca are expected to follow our universal Eagle Expectations. Students practice being responsible, respectful and ready to learn in all areas of the school. Expectations are reviewed regularly with students using a matrix which outlines what is expected in each area of our campus. At the beginning of the school year, students sign a pledge stating they will follow these expectations. 

Melaleuca Eagles acrostic
Eagle Expectations breakdown


Eagle Bucks & Brag Tags

Teamwork is a very important trait we teach at Melaleuca. Students work in teams to earn Eagle Bucks by following the expectations. If students in a group are caught following the expectations, staff members give them eagle bucks to go towards their classroom count. At the end of each month, the class on each grade level that has the highest number of eagle bucks wins a special prize such as a brag tag.

 Eagle Buck

Our students collect brag tabs for various events, assignments, and activities that happen throughout the school year. Some of the brag tags are for perfect attendance, STEM Night, Literacy Night, Student of the Month, Tutorial, Math, Music, P.E., Art, behavior, and much more. Some of our students have collected more than 25 this school year alone! Brag tags

Student of the Month

Student of the Month wallEvery teacher selects a student of the month from their class. Each grade level has a set criteria they follow when choosing the student. Each student is recognized on the morning news, given a certificate from administration and is highlighted in their classroom. 

Universal Language

Our entire school utilizes universal signals to ensure everyone on campus understands the expectations in all settings of the school. To gain student attention, anyone on campus can say “give me 5” and students will immediately begin listening to the speaker. Everyone on campus uses the 4 different voice levels. Students are taught what each number voice level means and all students understand the expectation for each. By teaching students a universal language, it avoids any confusion when students are outside of their regular classroom at any time.
 Give Me Five poster  Voice Levels poster  SLANT poster