Music & Band

Welcome to Music
The music program at Melaleuca Elementary is led by Lisa Noll, a prominent professional musician in the south Florida area. Our band program is funded by grants from TeamWork, USA. Thanks to their generosity, we have been able to remove the financial barriers associated with learning to play an instrument. Our band students are able to borrow their instruments and return them at the end of the year. Over the years, our program has grown. We are truly proud of our students!

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Melaleuca band conducted by Ms. NollOur band program currently begins in 3rd grade and goes through 5th. It allows students an introduction to a variety of instruments. The band program meets all year and provides several opportunities for the students to perform in concerts. 

Our ever-growing instrument selection includes flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and percussion.


Mr. Schiffrin with a class in the keyboard lab

Keyboard Lab
We are proud to say that every child who goes to Melaleuca Elementary learns keyboard.

We have 24 electric pianos, each with individual headphones for the students. In addition to piano, all students get beginning music theory and fundamental rhythm training.